You can't do EVERYTHING alone, sis.

Posted by Amber Lowe on

Hey love,

Okay, I get it. If YOU do it, it will be done right. Whew, that micromanaging must get tiresome after a while. Before you raise your eyebrows, hear me out, I'm a fellow control freak when it comes to my brand! 

You can get a lot done by yourself, but you can get so much more done if you find the right people to stand by you and be committed to your vision. People love to get behind a good mission and if you're working as hard as I think you; are to bring your vision to life, you'll have no problem garnering that support. 

So I know you must be thinking, "how do I know if they are the right people for my vision?" The right people will effortlessly fall into the mission. Whenever you need help, they'll be there. They are dependable, loyal and most importantly they aren't shady.

Remember, you've got support coming from all directions, even those you wouldn't expect. As you matriculate in the business world, you will learn who is good for you and who ain't. The most important thing to do is always trust your gut, and if there is someone who you trust more than your gut, listen to them! (I mean really trust, like your parents or your best friend or your mentor). 

The moral of the story is, you're killing it by your damn self sis, imagine what you could do with a team of people who are rallying around your vision! Then you'll become unstoppable.

But you got this! 

Stay Awesome,

Amber, Creator of Officially Adulting