It's time to give up...

Posted by Amber Lowe on

Okay sis... it's time for you to give up. No I don’t mean give up on your dreams, I mean giving up everything that’s keeping you from realizing them. Traumas you’re holding onto, people you’re holding onto, grudges and the like. It’s time to give all that up, or it could cost you your happiness. 

Imagine a life where you don’t allow things from your past to hinder you, for example, the fact that you weren’t the most popular in high school or college shouldn’t keep you from building a brand that could be admired by many. When you look at it from that perspective, would you allow your past to keep you from your future? 

How bout them friends you been holding onto since high school that haven’t quite experienced their "glo up" yet because they're doing the same things they've been doing since high school, and every time you tell them your genius plan for success, they’re somehow able to convince you that you wouldn’t be capable of pulling it off. Give it up! Give it up! 

How dare you continue to do yourself a disservice by staying stuck in a circle where you can’t grow? It’s time to give up self doubt AND those who doubt you, it’s time to give up your need to live for other people and live for yourself, it’s time to give up caring what people who don’t have to live with the consequences think or have to say. It’s time to shake fear and if you can’t it’s time to give up NOT doing it scared. 

Life is gonna keep on moving, now it’s time to give up not moving with it.