HAPPY NEW YEAR... in February!

Posted by Amber Lowe on

Okay, so you were super hype about starting out 2020 on the right foot on January 1, but now January is about to make it's exit and your 2020 is feeling really 2019ish. 

It happens to the best of us, we place so much emphasis on things going exactly right that we can't possibly keep up with it. Like sis.. did you really expect to come out the gate going to the gym 7 days a week, not eat any junk food and quit binge watching "You" on netflix all at the same time? What ever happened to taking progress one day at a time? 

 Below are three ways to plan out your February goals that could help you take things one day at a time!

1.Clean up all of your spaces.. all of them (even your instagram feed)

If you look around one day and your car has old cups of half consumed iced coffees, three pairs of shoes, and two outfit changes, it's probably time to clean out your space. A cluttered space can seriously crowd your brain and keep you from functioning at your highest self. So, clean out your laundry chair in your bed room and give your brain some room to breathe! 

2. Make a list of what is most important to you, right now. 

Whether it starts with your brand, your bills or your business, it's time to get organized with your priorities. Pick five priorities that you can tackle and master every day until it becomes a habit. By doing this, you are able to become more efficient in small ways, rather than trying to tackle everything all at once. 

3. Find an "Accountabilibuddy."

Okay, it might sound silly but this is maybe the most important part. Motivating yourself all the time can get really difficult and having someone whom you can trust by your side to remind you of what you've vowed to do and also remind you who TF you are, when you need it! 

Imagine planning your February around getting better each day instead of a rigid system that does not promote flourishing edges and ends!

You got this, stay awesome! 

-Amber Kenni 

Creator, Officially Adulting